Our Brand Story

Our Brand Story

The idea of OrganiCAN Ltd. was founded 3 years ago by us, husband and wife duo-Nick and CJ. After relentlessly working in CPG & Pharmaceutical sector for several years, we started realizing the effect of stress and lack of time for self-care on our skin, hair, and overall health. Coming from a family of grandparents and great grandparents believing in traditional home-made remedies for beauty and wellness, we decided to start focussing on using these for our everyday needs, but it was soon that we realized this was not working as we did not have enough time at hand on everyday basis to procure and use the benefits of these natural ingredients.

This further motivated us to develop a unique solution that offered benefits of natural ingredients with the ease of availability, much needed by the modern lifestyle and people from all walks of life. Over past 3 years, we worked on developing several formulations to meet everyday needs of all age groups. Biggest feedback for our products came from family and friends, which included teenager nephews/nieces, cousins struggling with newly entered 40’s to seniors.

As of today, OrganiCAN Ltd. offers a wide range of affordable, superior quality beauty products for everyday head to toe needs of all age groups and is focussing on continuous development of premium products with real results!

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